Workshop Ingo Reulecke - Realtime composition

The main idea of the workshop is to create a present and functioning body which is able to get in touch with the different genres (sound, speech, dance) in time and space. It will be an efficient preparation for the performance in the frame of the PIN (Performance Improvisation Network) festival in Stockholm.

We´ll work under the umbrella of realtime composition in a close collaboration with the Swedish musician/percussionist Lise-Lotte Norelius. She will participate in the workshop as a partner on an equal level. That means our work will be in a close connection to improvised live sound/music.
We are eager to develop a kind of conversation between these genres which makes sense together. By sense is meant an intrinsic phenomenon which might happen in an open minded exchange.
The close connection to the sound by focused listening will also help to deal with a strong reference to our idiosyncratic body world.
The so called connection we´ll be build up first before we can go into an exchange with the sound and music scores.
A lot of the work will concentrate on the idea of seeing and being seen. These are main ingredients to tune into improvisation and performance work in general.

Ingo Reulecke (DE) is dedicated to improvisational work. In many cases this work is in a close exchange with musicians. A fascinating aspect of the work is the possibility to react and create in the moment. The presence and awareness for the power of the moment is an endless research field. Reulecke is mainly performing and working on realtime composition in a couple of different groups like Grapeshade, BIT, Streugut and with different artists, musicians and video artists. He is teaching since many years in the inter-university center for dance in Berlin, mainly in the master program of choreography.

Ingo Reulecke



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Plats: Birger Jarlsgatan 70, 10239 STOCKHOLM
Startdatum: 15 nov 2014
Slutdatum: 15 nov 2014
Antal veckor: 1
Tid: Lö 13:00-16:00
Studietimmar: 4
Sammankomster: 1
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Birger Jarlsgatan 70, 10239 STOCKHOLM