Lise-Lotte Norelius, eam composer and performer of live-electronics and percussion

born 1961 in Kungsör (Sweden)

Percussionist since 25 years, with a background in trad. african music, experimental rock, worldmusic and free improvisation. She played with various groups a.o. Bitter Funeral Beer Band and Anitas Livs where she during many years developed a personal sound with percussion and sampled sounds.

The wish to go further into electroacoustic music, grew during a project about acoustics 1996, where she composed her first 8-channelpiece.

LLN studied electroacoustic composition at Royal College in Stockholm 1998-2002 and is, since then, developing her work with live-electronics and realtime processing of various sound sources.

Her penchant for rhythmic structures, layers, sound character, and long lines characterize her music.

The last years she has composed music for tape, musicians and live-electronics, theater, poetry, sound/video works and dance performances.

She is performing as solo-artist and with different constallations, consisting of musicians, dancers/choreographers and intermedia artists, in the fields of eam, sound art, noise, free improvised electronica, dance and performance.